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- Air casters suitable applied on clean rooms and epoxy resin floor

Type of posting Offer
Category Machine Tools
City / Port Shanghai, CN, China
Price USD 4500 ~ 4500 per TEU
Address XiaZhuang street
Description Air casters is low profile, the air bag with air module height is just 50mm, more safety when moving, and air casters will protect the floors from damage, expensive reinforcement is usually not necessary.
Air bearing casters powered by compressed air, no electric spark, and low profile, is safety. And compressed air will save cost.
Air casters is no environmental pollution because the power source is compressed air.
Air bearing casters is easy to operating, anyone can operate it with no special training is workable.
Air casters power source is compressed air, is friendly with environment, and save cost.
Air bearings casters are mounted to a rigid platform to provide load carrying capability.
Regarding air bearing casters price list, Modular air casters construction, air movers price list, air film transporters details,please feel free contact us. professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.
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