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22W 120x120x38mm AC Axial Cooling Fan Soft Wind With 7 Leaves

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Description AC Axial Cooling Fan 120x120x38mm 110V 220V High-Speed Waterproof Cooling Fan 12038 With 7 Leaves

What is an AC axial fan?
Axial AC fans are a type of fan that blows air along the axis of the fan—that is, the fan's curved blades force air to move in parallel with the shaft on which the blades rotate. ...
Some of the typical applications for AC cooling fans include Industrial equipment. Manufacturing machines. White goods.

What are axial fans used for?
In general, an axial-flow fan is suitable for a larger flow rate with a relatively small pressure gain and a centrifugal fan for a comparatively smaller flow rate and a large pressure rise. They are used to supply fresh air, suck air from return air trenches, suck air from rotary filters, exhaust air out, etc.

AC Axial Cooling Fan RG12038

Energy Saving Noise Reduction Soft Wind Long Lasting

Basic Parameter:

Model No. Bearing Frequency Voltage Current Rated Input Power Air Flow Static pressure Noise Speed
(Hz) (V) (A) (W) (CFM) (mm-H2O) (dBA) (RPM)
RG12038B(S)1H Ball/Sleeve 50/60Hz 100~125V 0.22/0.18 21/18 91/113 3.56/4.06 40/45 2650/2950
RG12038B(S)1M 0.17/0.15 16/14 70/75 3/3.2 35/37 2200/2500
RG12038B(S)1L 0.14/0.12 12/10.5 60/66 2.78/2.68 29/30 1800/2000
RG12038B(S)2X 220~240V 0.14/0.12 22/21 95/115 3.56/4.06 42/47 2700/3100
RG12038B(S)2H 0.12/0.11 20/19 91/113 3.56/4.06 40/45 2650/2950
RG12038B(S)2M 0.09/0.08 16/14 70/75 3/3.2 35/37 2200/2500
RG12038B(S)2L 0.08/0.08 12/10.5 60/66 2.78/2.68 29/30 1800/2000
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Product Name AC Axial Cooling Fan
Warranty 1 Year
After-sales Service Free Spare Parts
Insulation Class B
Motor Shaded Pole Induction Motor
Waterproof Grade Ip 55
Certification CE, RoHS
Lifetime 30000 Hours for Sleeve Bearing, 40000 Hours for Ball Bearing
Customized Support OEM, ODM
Storage Temperature -20℃~80℃
Operating Temperature -10℃~70℃
Power Connection Terminal, Lead Wire
Applicable: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, etc

22W 120x120x38mm AC Axial Cooling Fan Soft Wind With 7 Leaves 0
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