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Air bearing movers is safe and cost effectiove when moving

Type of posting Offer
Category Machine Tools
City / Port Shandon, US, United States
Price USD 4500 ~ 4500 per TEU
Address XiaZhuang street
Description Air bearing movers works on the floor which is smooth concrete, no porous material, flat lever and even floors.
Air bearing movers is easy to operate, without no specially training is workable, and can be operated by just one worker.
Air bearing movers power source is compressed air, is spark free operation allows use in any hazardous industry areas.
Air casters is flexible for a variety of applications, and easy omnidirectional, utilizes existing shop air.
Air caster skids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, works is durable, lightweight and built for years of trouble free operation.
Air caster skids also known as air casters, air movers, air bearings, air skates, air bearing load movers, air rigging systems and so on.
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