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Air casters applied on moving and handling production lines

Type of posting Offer
Category Machine Tools
City / Port Qingdao, CN, China
Price USD 100 ~ 9000 per Unit
Address XiaZhuang street
Description Air casters are simple to operate and extremely versatile.
Air moving skates diaphragms are constructed of smooth textured and completely homogeneous material.
Air bearing casters require a suitable floor to work, the floor surface would be smooth, flat, non-porous and have low friction characteristics. Normally concrete floor is workable.
Air casters can not be works on heavily textured floors, broom-finished concrete floors.
Air bearing movers is available in lightweight aluminum or round steel formats.
Air skates is affordable, safe and cost effective, and air skates uses only compressed, no messy fuels or other charging.
Air casters machinery moving skates can be customized as demand.
Air bearing mover is easy to operating, with no special training is workable.
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Date 2018 Sep 10, 07:09