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Air film transporters with accurate introduction

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Category Machine Tools
City / Port Qingdao, CN, China
Price USD 100 ~ 1000 per Unit
Address XiaZhuang street ChengYang Area
Description Air caster has many different name in different country. If you see the name of air castersmove cleanroom machinery, air caster rigging system, air caster load moving equipment, air bearing system,they are other names for air casters.
The air caster is different from othe mechanical moving tool. Traditional mechanical moving tools usually have wheels under them, But there are no wheels under the air bearing movers. Air Bearing turntables do not move machinery by rolling wheels.
The air bag of the air bearing movers contacts the ground, There are air holes in the air bag of the air casters. Air pump is used to carry air into the air bag of the Air Bearing turntables , and an air membrane is formed between the ground and the air bag.
When air casters moving a machine, the heavy duty air transporters contacts the ground with an air membrane.
The air casters moves the machine as if with the help of air pressure. The contact area between air skates and ground is reduced, So the air caster load moving equipment moving machine will only produce small friction, can protect the smooth ground from damage
There is a balancing system in the air bearing to keep the moving machine in balance.
This balancing feature of the air caster is required when most customers move their machines
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