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AirTrack IP-1-Printhead 203 Thermal Printhead 203 Dpi

Type of posting Offer
Category Printing Machinery Parts
City / Port Tangerang, ID, Indonesia
Price USD 306 per Unit
Address Jl. Jen. Sudirman No. 1, Babakan, Tangerang, RT.001/RW.005 Tangcity Mall Lt. LGF Blok C-14


AirTrack is manufactured to specifications and quality, AirTrack provides a competitive option for the single source market structure for printheads. The printhead contained in this printer machine functions as a tool to ink ink on the paper during the printing process. So this printhead is part of the printer that functions as a place for the ink to come out before it reaches the printing paper, so that the paper printed with text or images matches the document being printed.

Brand : AirTrack

Model : IP-1 Printhead

Print Resolution : 203 dpi
Date Jan 25, 07:01