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Anti-Static Plastic Wrist Strap

Type of posting Offer
Category Other Computer Accessories
City / Port Taichung, TW, Taiwan
Description Description:
Adj-Silicone Rubber Wrist Band
Easy to Wear Durable, No particle
Suit Clean Room
Material: T.P.R. Plastic.
Molding: Snap and Plug-PVC molding.
Resistance:103 ~105 ohm/sq. (Wrist strap) / 1M ohm+10%(Cord)
Application: Class 100~1000(clear room)

Model No Length
SY-L0231-06 6FT
SY-L0231-08 8FT
SY-L0231-10 10FT
Date 2023 Nov 6, 03:11