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Business cooperation in Chemical

Type of posting Offer
Category Plastic Auxiliary Agents
City / Port Kaifeng, CN, China
Price USD 1 ~ 99999 per Unit
Address 3, West Of Suzhou Road, Chemical Industry Gathering Area
Description How can Jiuhong Chemical help chemical distributors save money, boost profits and strengthen relationships with their customers? Lots of ways.
You sell the best DOP & DBP. Your customers love you. You give them great service. But because we only produce top grade plasticiser – you just distribute it – you have to buy it,re-sell or use in local market. We offer various packing transport method for your selction, finnally choose the econmical one.
Now consider what Jiuhong Chemical can do as your behind-the-scenes partner. Because we never do the blending or mixing, you can buy pure, concentrated DOP or DBP in bulk liquid from anywhere in the world and enjoy massive savings.
Without Jiuhong Chemical, you’d need to keep an inventory of plasticiser, in different package sizes.
But when you partner with Jiuhong Chemical and take advantage of our powerhouse feeding infrastructure, our packaging options and our logistics expertise, you can offer your customers dozens of (or more) solutions, sizes. And all you keep in your inventory is that bulk raw material.
“Hold on a second,” you might be saying. “I am a distributor and I do my own custom, custom DOP and other stuff. I don’t need Jiuhong Chemical.”
True, you might not need us, but you sure may want us.
Ask yourself a few questions:
Many PVC industry need to use DOP or DBP
Rubber boots clients also need to arrange new production
Sexy Dolls factory really need DOP for producing puffered adult toys
Partner with us and you can free up your capital and resources, shifting them toward sales, development, marketing and other higher-value/higher-margin investments. When we do the work, we take over the responsibilities for quality, consistency, safety and liability. We do the worrying.
Are you a chemical distributor who wants to save money, boost profits and strengthen relationships with your customers? Contact us today. Who knows, you may soon be enjoying a tall glass of … savings.
whatsapp:+8615617816797 Tel:+8615637858019 Mail: jiuhongchemical@yeah.net
Date Jun 9, 08:06