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Ceramic fiber cloth insulation cloth

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City / Port Ningbo, CN, China
Price USD 1 ~ 5 per Unit
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It is used as heat insulating materials and an excellent substitute for asbestos cloth. Ceramic fiber cloth with metallic wire (inconel or stainless steel) are also available. Used as heat insulation curtain, large area thermal insulation. Radiant heat shielding, flexible fabric expansion joints.

Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Temp.: ≤1260℃
Specs.: 1.5mm ~ 5mm(T),1000~1500mm(W)
Packing: 50kg/roll, In plastic woven bag of 50kg net each

Ceramic Fiber Yarn,Ceramic Fiber Rope,Ceramic Fiber Tape,Ceramic Fiber Cloth etc.

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Date Jun 13, 07:06