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Cordyceps Sinensis Extract/Dong Chong Xia Cao/CS-4

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City / Port Beijing, CN, China
Description Dong Chong Xia Cao Extract. Cordyceps Sinensis is a Chinese mushroom used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for "lung protection" and "reproductive invigoration" as well as to balance the "Qi"-the fundamental "energy of life".

Owing to Cordyceps Sinensis high efficacy and potency in curing various diseases,it is well-known as an important nourishing tonic.However,as the sourcing and gathering of the herb is rare and difficult,so its supply often falls short of demand, Chinese scientists developed a technique for isolating a fermentable strain from wild Cordyceps Sinensis called CS-4.

We can supply full series of cordyceps products,and we can produce according to the customers' specific request.

1.Cordyceps Cs-4 Powder
2.Cordyceps Cephalosporium Mycelium Powder (Cordyceps Cephalosporium Mycelia)
3.Gastrodia Tuder Halimasch Powder
4.Cordyceps Cs-4 mycelium Extract Powder with polysaccharide 30%(paecilonyces hepiali chen)
5.Cordyceps Cephalosporium Mycelium Extract Powder with polysaccharide 30%

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