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Dong Quai Extract/Angelica sinensis/Ligustilide

Type of posting Offer
Category Healthcare Supplement
City / Port Beijing, CN, China
Description Ligustilide 1.0% HPLC. Model No.: DGQ
Product Name: Dong Quai P.E.
Plant Origin: Angelica sinensis
DGQ-Ligustilide 1.0% HPLC

The principal active constituents of dong quai roots appear to be groups of coumarins, ferulic acid and ligustilide. Although some popular literature suggests that dong quai acts as a phytoestrogen in the body (similar to isoflavones), there does not appear to be any estrogenic compounds present in the plant. Instead, the combined effects of other compounds (listed above) in areas such as blood flow (coumarins) and muscle relaxation (ferulic acid and ligustilide) are thought to contribute to dong quai's overall effects.

1) Dong quai is believed to have a balancing or adaptogenic effect on the female hormonal system.
2) Dong quai is also used for both men and women with cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure and problems with pe-ripheral circulation.
3) It is good for treating anemia and weak glands, regulating monthly periods, correcting hot flashes and vaginal spasms (PMS), and assisting women through the difficult transition of menopause.
Date 2008 Feb 17, 22:02