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Glass Break Sensor

Type of posting Offer
Category Other Surveillance Products
City / Port Taipei, TW, Taiwan
Description New Round Shape Sensor
Ideal for protection of showcases and show windows and fixed glass windows and glass doors in offices, industrial building, etc. No need additional power source. Detects a specific frequency or vabration of breaking glass and insensible against vibrations and shocks by wind, cars, railways etc.. Requires no adjustment for sensitivity.

Item No. LK-4105C
1. No need power source
2. Detects the specific frequency or vibration of breaking glass.
3. Insensible against vibrations and shocks by wind, cars, railways, etc.
4. Requires mp adjustment for sensitivity.
5. Housed in a water-resistant case.

This New Round Shape Sensor is to be promoted from Jan. 1st, 2020.
Date Jan 20, 02:01