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H&L Novelties

Business category 1 Gifts & Crafts Agents
City ( of main office ) Trenton, US, United States
Address 76 Dover Ave
Phones 1-508-992-6697
Fax 1-508-992-6697
About We are H& L Novelties, the manufacturers of the original incense match. Having been in business for 20 years, we have sold over 30 million books in the U. S. Canada, and Japan. The original Incense Match is the only portable air freshener available. It is the only match wrapped in gold foil for lasting freshness.

What is an incense match?

Lights like a match. Burns like incense E-Z to carry and an E-Z air freshener. Follow the directions inside each book. You light the match let it burn down a 1/4 and either let it extinguish itself or you blow it out. Now it becomes a stick of incense, emitting a fragrance( 16 different fragrances are offered). Hold the match between your fingers or place it in a shallow ashtray. The original incense match eliminates odors and refreshes the air anywhere.

What does it do?

The Original Incense Match eliminates embarrassing bathroom odors at home and travel. Great for cars, kitchens, cigarettes, sickrooms, wherever you want to add a fragrance or eliminate an odor.

What scents do they come in?

Jasmine, cherry, musk, oriental blossom, strawberry, coconut,

Sandalwood, frankincense, hollyberry, bayberry, potpourri, french vanilla, patchouli, rain, cinnamon, spice

Are they customized?

Of Course! You can have names, ads, printed or hand stamped on the front cover for an extra charge. It is a fantastic advertising tool, stocking stuffer and wedding favor
Date 2011 Oct 28, 23:10