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Huizhou Green Earth Environmental Product Co., Ltd.

Business category 1 Energy Projects
City ( of main office ) Huizhou, CN, China
Address Gaobao Road,Liling Town
Phones 86-752-5330689
Fax 86-752-3865806
About Our teams have been operated soapnut (soapberry, sapindus, mulorossi Gaertn, soap tree) bio-energy projects for many years, and we combine with the global largest soapnut grower plan to build million tons of bio-energy washing bases in 10 years, initiate to start a global green revolution which is using soapnut extractant the non-ionic surfactant to replace petrochemical extractant surfactant. We hope that our planted soapnut trees can absorb a lot of dust, a large amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, and can enhance the water storage capacity of the land, and reduce soil rocky desertification. We hope every family can use the natural washing products, and then the sewage which discharged into the river will not make the fish die, algae spread; and make the whole world become into a beautiful green and healthy home. The most important thing is to leave an oasis for our future generations, which will be their largest wealth when oil resources are exhausted.
Huizhou Green Earth Environmental Products Co., Ltd. has been established based on the desire to create a green earth. Our company has strong research and development teams and international sales teams. Our factory is self-built factory building 1100 square meters, covers over 5,000 square meters. We are specialized in researching, developing, producing and sales of various kinds of non-polluting energy-saving environmental protection laundry ball, natural washing products and natural water purification products.
We hope that the river could achieve self-purification by reducing the life sewage of every family in the world. No hazardous substances to pollute the environment, no harmful chemical substances to harm human health. Let the mountain turn green forever, the river flows forever, health and happiness stay forever.
Our philosophy is to create a green earth, so our team will never stop developing more natural ecological cleaning products.
Date 2011 Oct 29, 00:10