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Industrial machinery skates structure

Type of posting Offer
Category Machine Tools
City / Port Qingdao, CN, China
Price USD 100 ~ 1000 per Unit
Address XiaZhuang street ChengYang Area
Description Machinery skates can also be called roller skids and tracte skates in some cases.The machinery moving dollies work like skates,Use wheels to move heavy objects.
Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD has been specialized in the technology of machinery rollers since 1998. Now it has been more than 20 years, and has made good achievements in the field of producing machinery dolly.
Several kinds of non floor damaging rollers have been sold all over the world. They are three point moving skates,steel chain roller skates,rotating moving dolly and veered moving skates.
Transport machinery can improve your efficiency.Industrial machinery skates can help you move your equipment in less time.
Using a load moving skates can help you deal with heavy equipment more easily.
Some moving roller skates can only travel in a straight line but others moving rigger skates can veered 360 degrees.
If you need a machinery movers, please contact us. We have many kinds of load moving skates.
Regarding how to use steerable machinery skates,mounted roller skids,rotating moving dolly and veered moving skates list, please feel free contact us.
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Date 2018 Aug 9, 01:08