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Inpac International Print & Packaging Co.,Ltd.

Business category 1 Cans
City ( of main office ) Beijing, CN, China
Address Fengan Road, Qianan Hebei, P. R. China
Phones 86-315-7681563
Fax 86-315-7681538
Web site www.inpac.com.cn
About We are a hand-made gift box & packaging box manufacturer from northern China, we can provide all kinds of paper boxes and packaging boxes, through cooperation with some world famous companies such as Nokia, we have accumulated a lots of experience, now in order to develop international market we are seeking cooperation with other partners, I am confident we have competitive edge against other suppliers, giving us a chance will return you an unexpected result, your enquiries are welcome. for details please log onto our company's website.
Date 2011 Oct 29, 15:10