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Luo Han Guo Extract/Mogroside/Momordica grosvenori Swingle

Type of posting Offer
Category Healthcare Supplement
City / Port Beijing, CN, China
Description Total Mogroside 80% UV. Model No.: LHG
Product Name: Luo Han Guo P.E.
Plant Origin: Momordica grosvenori Swingle
Total Mogroside 80% UV

Luo Han Guo is a perennial vine, cultivated in northern Guangxi of China. Its dried fruits are ellipse or round, with brown or snuff surface and abundant small pale and black hairs. People have used it for centuries for both its sweet flavor and its medicinal property in China. After processed, it can be used as a remedy for colds and congestion of the lung. Nowadays Luo Han Guo is used as a low calorie - sweetening agent in juices or drinks, or it can be made into a desirable beverage itself.

1. Luo Han Guo Extract (Mogrosides) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for colds, coughs, sore throats, gastrointestinal disorder, as well as a blood purifier.
2. Luo Han Guo Extract (Mogrosides) is easily soluble in water without any sediment.

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