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Modular air casters advantages

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Description Air casters transport systems also know as air casters, air rigging systems, air load carriers, air movers, air skates, air bearing kits and so on names.
Air casters transport systems used for a variety of different applications. Air casters are regularly used in industry sectors, such as aviation and aerospace, railways, nuclear energy, theatre and many production applications.
Air bearing casters also know as air casters, air movers, air skates, air rigging systems, air film transporters, air load carriers and so on names.
Air bearing casters professional manufacturer Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD have been produced air casters for more than 20 years, with quality products and competitive price.
Air bearings skates power source is compressed air, a thin film of air is created between the floor surface and the air cushion, so, it is friction freely transport, and is possible to move heavy loads or equipment with very little force.
Air casters rigging systems is durable, if take it carefully, it can be used for more than ten years with no maintain.
Air casters transport systems have an extremely low construction height and low maintenance costs. Is an idea for moving and handling solution for any heavy objects.
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