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Moving roller dolly specifications

Type of posting Offer
Category Machine Tools
City / Port Qingdao, CN, China
Price USD 100 ~ 1000 per Unit
Address XiaZhuang street ChengYang Area
Description The machinery moving skates can be used on many kinds of ground,Wood floors, marble floors, cement floors.
The wheels of the machinery moving rollers are processed, and each wheel is tested, so the floor will not be scratched during the operation of the machinery moving dollies.
The capacity of the machinery rollers varies.The appearance of the machinery dolly is also different.
The smallest capacity of machinery dollies is 1.5 tons.The maximum capacity of the machine moving equipment can reach 1000 tons.
The 1000ton transport dollies is generally used in industrial areas. This kind of transporting machines is very simple to move large machines.
The equipment roller kit can reduce the use cost of industrial production.
No water, electricity, oil and other energy sources are used in the work of the industrial machinery skates.
Machinery movers is an environmental friendly tool.
Regarding how to use steerable machinery skates,mounted roller skids,rotating moving dolly and veered moving skates list, please feel free contact us.
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Date 2018 Aug 9, 01:08