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Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap

Type of posting Offer
Category Other Metal Scrap
City / Port Foshan, CN, China
Price USD 1 ~ 1 per Unit
Description For the moment we are Searching for the following grades:

-Alucobond sandwich sheet scrap

-Multilayer tubings plastic/aluminum/plastic scrap

-Electric meters scrap

-Gas meters scrap

-Hard disk with boards / shredded hard disk with boards

-Hard disk without board scrap

-CCL offcuts

-Brass Honey


Also, We have weekly shipments of the following grades for which we are always welcoming new potential buyers.

-Copper Aluminium Radiators Isri Spec Talk.

-Computer hard disk / Disk drive / Power supply / Tv Yokes / Circuit boards/ Charger.

-Telecommunication relay / Modem/ Telephone sets.

-Electric Meters / Motors/ Transformer scrap.

-Circuit Boards Trimmings.

-Clean grades of Brass scrap Isri Spec Honey, Copper Scrap Isri Spec Barley, Aluminium scrap Isri Spec Tense.

-Automobile starter / Alternator / Ac Compressors scraps.

-Shredded Zorba, Shredded Heavies, Shredded Motors.

In case you have interest in above grades, we really would be pleased to have the opportunity to make business collaboration together.

The best regards.
Date 2017 Dec 19, 07:12