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Officinal PVC/PVDC/PE coated film

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Description Officinal PVC/PVDC/PE coated film

Officinal PVC/PVDC/PE coated film is add high obstract material PVDC between PVC and PE. In practical application process, put liquid in PVC/PE compound film, if there is any liquid which has strong volatility, after a period of time stored, the liquid will volatilize, the quantity will reduce and the face of the product will inward
depression. It will reduce the effective protection capablity of the medicine. Seriously, it will cause the disput with consumers. Then the economy and the image of the company will be damaged. Due to the good obstruct ability of PVDC, it plays a good anti-infiltrate effect to the product in packing, it's the ideal packing material for easy humidity absorb medicine.
PVDC material itself is the latex character, has quite big brittleness after the solidification. In the coating process and post-processing, the pivotal technical is to reduce its brittleness, make it normally used in the room temperature environment. Before, the technical ability is too poor to do so. That is one of the technical difficulties of PVDC compound material. However, the three compound processing technology is more difficult. At present, only few companies which has independent research and development ability can do it in China.
My company starts from 1980s, after a few years research and testing, finally succeeded in produce the PVC/PVDC/PE costed film which is truly apply to the liquid packaging. It mainly takes PVC film as the basal material, then coated PVDC(import from BASF in Germany) and PE . During the production processing, the temperature, coated quantity and times and other important considerations are checked strictly to make the final product meet the foreign products quality standards. The obstruct ability is 5 times higher than the common PVC. Meantime it has a certain rigidity, flexible and can be widely used in packaging various easy volatile medicine. The period for protection can really reach the required standard.

According to the investigation, presently 80% medicine using such packaging materials, but the PVC film that widespread used in China could infiltrate the gas and liquor 6 months later in the room temperature condition. It has a great impact on the product. But if using PVDC, the period for protection can really reach at least 2 years. PE has good heat seal ability, PVC/PVDC/PE coated film has combined their respective merit to form a new special ideal packaging material.

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