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PLC 70mm 30 Holes Egg Box Pulp Molding Equipment

Type of posting Offer
Category Other Machinery
City / Port Guangzhou, CN, China
Description Fully Automatic 30 Holes Egg Box Tray Rotary Pulp Molding Equipment


Model Capacity Forming Machine Drying System Workshop Space Operator Required
ER3000-B 3000pcs/hour Rotary type with 8 plates. Each for 3pcs/time 20x2.2x4m
6-Layers 400m2 4~5persons
ER4000-B 4000pcs/hour Rotary type with 8 plates. Each for 4pcs/time 20x2.6x4m
6-Layers 500m2 4~5persons
ER5000-B 5000pcs/hour Rotary type with 8 plates. Each for 5pcs/time 20x3.0x4m
6-Layers 600m2 4~5persons
ER6000-B 6000pcs/hour Rotary type with 8 plates. Each for 6pcs/time 20x3.4x4m
6-Layers 700m2 5~6persons
1. The Capacity calculated base on 30-packed egg tray(size 300x300mm, weight 65g~70g).
2. Workshop size is for reference only and could be adjusted according to actual size of client’s plant .

Production Consumption:

Model Electricity Consumption Material Consumption Water Consumption Natural gas LPG Diesel
(Choose one one fuel from three fuel type)
ER3000-B ~115kw
(170kw installed) 180~210kg/h 600~800kg/h 55~65m3/h 19~22m3/h 45~55kg/h
ER4000-B ~150kw
(240kw installed) 250~280kg/h 800~1000kg/h 70~80m3/h 25~29m3/h 62~70kg/h
ER5000-B ~190kw
(290kw installed) 320~350kg/h 1000~1200kg/h 85~95m3/h 31~35m3/h 79~87kg/h
ER6000-B ~210kw
(350kw installed) 360~400kg/h 1200~1400kg/h 100~110m3/h 36~40m3/h 92~100kg/h


Product Name: Automatic Egg Tray Production Line
Processing Type: Pulp Molding Machine
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Approval: CE Certification
Warranty: Life-long service, sustainable supply and upgrade machine and parts. 1 year warranty( three-year warranty for main machine)

Capacity: 3000~6000pcs/hr (30-egg tray)

Mainly applied for egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, cup carrier, vegetable tray, kidney tray seeding cups and etc.

Raw material: Any kind of waste paper like waste carton, old newspaper, books, A4 paper etc.

Automation: Fully-automatic control
Date Jan 20, 02:01