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RESP ECG NIBP 6 Parameter Patient Monitor ICU Cardiac Monitor 12.1 Inch

Type of posting Offer
Category Other Service Equipment
City / Port Changsha, CN, China
Address No. 503, Building B11, Jiahai Industrial Zone, No. 1318, Zhongqing Road, Changsha, Hunan
Description 1. Brand-new model design, combines Chinese classical elegance and European style.
2. Modularized and one-piece design,strong anti-interference capability, more stable functions,consumes less power.
3. High brightness and resolution 12.1-inch colorful TFT LCD display.
4. Built-in battery,standby time to 120 minus,AC/DC power conversion.
5. Unique Battery charge detection,displayable battery level.
6. Unique real person voice alarm,sound, light and word alarm,three-level intelligent alarm
7. Applying “15-350BP”wide-range heart rate measurement design according to features of newborns.
8. Applying“Double Overvoltage protection” to ensure the safety, consistency and accuracy under all conditions.
9. Blood pressure with new anti-movement,low perfusion measurement technology in order to guarantee the newborn measurement accuracy
10. Chinese, English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish and other languages
11. Personalized operation system,concise and straightforward
12. Various interfaces: A single guide, standard, large font, all leads to satisfy clinical needs
13. All leads, seven-channel synchronous ECG display
14. More powerful anti-movement capability in blood pressure measurement, more precise measurement towards low perfusion and shaking fingers.
15. Anti-movement-interference to minimize failures and adjustable for low or high pulse measurement.
16. New improvements in UI operation of the monitor software with larger and clearer icons
17. Monitor software with more shortcuts and “one-step” menu management, more straightforward.
18. Operational parameter functions such as CO2 and IBP can be realized with plug and play.
19. Different interface can be set in different clinical departments
Date Jan 14, 09:01