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Shandong Huijin Stock Co., Ltd.

Business category 1 Steel Pipes
City ( of main office ) Laiwu, CN, China
Address Kouzhen Town
Phones 86-634-6650266
Fax 86-634-6650061
Web site www.tusikou.com
About In December 1997, the property right of the enterprise was monopolized by management level and part of employee, stock corporation was established, KOUZHEN FOUNDRY CORP. LAIWU CITY was changed to SHANDONG HUIJIN STOCK CO. LTD. To produce automotive axle shaft, automotive parts and export castings mainly.

Quality assurance system approval: ISO9001, ISO9002, ISO10012.1, BVQI, QS9000 approval. Products approval: UL, ULC, VDS, FM, EN124 approval.

With China entry in WTO, development tendency of world economy and world purchase, our company pays more attention to the opportunity of developing automotive parts. We have done the preparative preparation work for developing and producing automotive parts in recent years. Our foundry has been re-organized to satisfying the requirement of automotive industry. An induction furnace has been installed besides the cupola, so we can control the melting process more accurately with duplex melting process. We have started to use Tunis method and electronic weighing system in ductile iron treatment. Alarm system has been set up to stop pouring before modularization is faded. On site, carbon equivalent analysis, temperature checking and instant microstructure analysis are carried out in normal practice.

Our sand treatment system is PC controlled. We have been the using FBO-II molding line(550×450,150 moulds/h) an FBM-IIIT molding line(660×508,180 moulds/h). Both of which were made in Japan. X-Ray radiography machine and low temperature impact test machine have bought. Machine Center, Digital Control Lathe will have bought in this end of 2003. New resin sand molding line is building. In quality insurance area, we have got ISO9001(2000 edition), QS9000 and many other certifications for products have been approved. In foundry technology area, we have already developed austenite-kainite ductile iron, ductile iron, precision casting, resin sand foundry process, chill cast iron foundry process. Our plan is to become a leading foundry and machine shop in China for automotive parts, especially for truck, trailer and engine parts.
Date 2011 Oct 28, 23:10