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St. John's Wort Extract/Hypericum Perforatum/Hypericin/Hyperforin

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Category Healthcare Supplement
City / Port Beijing, CN, China
Description Hypericin 0.3% UV/Hyperforin 3% UV. Model No.: SJW
Product Name: St. John's Wort P.E.
Plant Origin: Hypericum Perforatum
SJW-Hypericin 0.3% UV/Hyperforin 3% UV

St. John's wort has been used since ancient times for everything from a "protector against evil spirits" (depression) and for wound healing to its most common present-day use as an antidepressant. The active ingredients in St. John's wort extract are unknown, but extracts standardized to contain napthodianthrone compounds such as hypericin and pseudohypericin along with phloroglucinols such as hyperforin and adhyperforin are known to be effective in alleviating mild to moderate depressive symptoms (see below). St. John's wort also contains various flavonoids and proanthocyanidin polymers.

1) It has significant support in the treatment of mild to moderate depression, can also help to control appetite and Promotes weight loss.
2) It is a valuable healing and anti-inflammatory remedy, and improves tolerance to stress.

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