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Strip Sensor 20 Meters

Type of posting Offer
Category Other Surveillance Products
City / Port Taipei, TW, Taiwan
Description Strip type sensors, Dual Beams, Twin Beam, Reflector type, and mini size infrared beam sensors are all available. Easy installation, Stable quality guarantted. Long life using. Waterproof items with IP66 can be installed outdoor, detection range up to 250m

Item No : LK-20HM2 / LK-20HM4
1. Strip Sensors 2 beams & 4 beams
2. 20m detection range (66ft)
3. Compact & slim type 35mm
4. Waterproof IP66 construction
5. LED alignment indicator
6. No synchronizing wire required
7. Install in windows, doorways, skylights, garage, gates & spaces are limited.
8. Swivel body unit, easy for beam alignment
9. Auto response time adjustment
Date Jan 20, 01:01