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Swaging Machine- SM03

Type of posting Offer
Category Other Machinery
City / Port Taichung, TW, Taiwan
Description Description:
1. Motor: 3HP x 4P
2. Applicable material: brass, aluminium, steel alloy tube and wire
3. Applicable size: Ø3~25mm
4. Working range: 1~8mm (Reduction ratio may be varied depending on the hardness and thickness of the material)

Applications and features:
1. Commonly used as the pre-processing of the cold drawing to go through the drawing die for pulling.
2. Used for strengthening the density of round material through hammering process on swaging mode, or cladding the other rod materials.
3. Used to forge the material and obtain the sloping shape required to make the finishing or semi-finishing hardware accessories.
Date Nov 8, 03:11