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Tube Drawing Machine - SA50B

Type of posting Offer
Category Other Machinery
City / Port Taichung, TW, Taiwan
Description Description:
1. Motor: 50HP
2. Applicable material: brass, aluminium, steel and alloy tube and bar
3. Applicable size: Ø75-50mm / Ø50-35mm
4. Working range: 15~30%

Applications and features:
1. Seesaw-type drawbench with the chain-driven carriage to pull out the rolled or extruded tubes for better precision.
2. Cold drawn materials provide precise size on diameter, wall thickness, and brighter surface at room temperature.
3. Cold drawn materials improve the hardness, reduce the duductility, and increase the yield and tensile strength of the material.
4. With assistance from the tube pushing machine and PLC, it effectively reduces the working time on mandrel insertion and collection for cold drawn tubes.
5. By carrying out multiple passes of cold drawing, it is capable to draw deductible round materials to various shapes for industrial use.
6. Pulling force, speed, and drawing length could be custom-made according to the practical process deriving from the material composition.
7. Relevant working processes: Extrusion
Date 2023 Nov 8, 03:11