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Weld Mesh Fencing

Type of posting Offer
Category Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
City / Port Beijing, CN, China
Description Weld Mesh Fencing is rigid structure of security fencing system.. http://www.weldmeshfence.com offer good quality Weld Mesh Fencing.
. Specifications: Height From 630mm to 2430mm; Width From 1030mm to 2510mm.
B. Corner post: 48 x 2.5mm
C. Wire gauge: 3mm to 8mm
D. The aperture size: 50 x 140mm,50 x 150mm, 50 x 200mm, 75 x 150mm
E. Available in a range of sizes, colors
F.Post of Fence:RHS 60 x 40mm,60 x 60mm, 50 x50mm,80 x 40mm,50 x 70mm,70 x70mm, 100 x40mm, 90 x 50mm and 80 x50mm.
Date 2011 May 13, 07:05