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sell blueberry anthocyanin

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City / Port Beijing, CN, China
Description sell blueberry anthocyanin. (info@sports-ingredient.com)The Blueberry P.E widely exists in plant's flower, the fruit and the rhizome, is main colored ingredient in plant, belongs to the flavonoid. The Blueberry P.E has the many kinds of physiological action, it can adjust the blood capillary the permeability, the maintenance cell integrity, also has the formidable anti-oxidized function. The content of cyanin is up to 25%. In addition, we have two levels 10%.15%. Through further studies we discover the Blueberry P.E has promotion rhodopsin function and so on archery target synthesis, prevention thrombus and arteriosclerosis, suppression cancer cell enzyme activity, at present has used in the ophthalmology department medical service domain, the treatment joint inflammation and the urine road infection as well as the production healthy product and so on.
Date 2008 Jan 30, 00:01