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3Brothers Pvt Limited

Business category 1 Sliced Herbal Medicine
Business category 2 Beauty Products
Business category 3 Equipments of Traditional Chinese Medicine
City ( of main office ) Chuka, KE, Kenya
Address 89 Samdrup Lam
Phones 97505257831
Fax 97505257831
Web site www.3brothers.tradekorea.com
About 3Brothers Pvt Limited is a private registered company at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.
The company is comprised of three brothers and a sister as the main shareholders together with
other shareholders who teamed up collecting, processing and marketing wild cordyceps from the
Himalayas. Thus is 2015, 3Brothers Pvt Limited became a Licensed Cordyceps Exporter (LCE) and
a High Altitude Resident Collectors (HAR) by the Department of Trade, Department of Agricultural
Marketing and Cooperatives thereby becoming a bonafide entity to participate in the auction of cordyceps.
3Brothers Pvt Limited is also verified by the gups and Department of Forests and Park Services.
Date 2017 Oct 22, 13:10