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A2 TERMINATOR 110MH/s Litecoin

Type of posting Offer
Category Power Supply Units
City / Port Jakarta, ID, Indonesia
Price USD 358 ~ 358 per Unit
Address Blok M, Mall Lantai Dasar 8
Description Developed on 28nm using very low power design techniques and best efficiency Custom IC package with power bars for low voltage, high current feeding. No need for special cooling, just regular top and bottom heat sinks plus fan cooling.

The Device Specs
 A Total of 6 boards with 8 chip on each board, Total 48 Chips in a miner

Mines at over 110MH/s

Raspberry Pi (Mini pc) built-in with operating system designed for mining.

Uses up to 750W max from a High-End, Industrail Grade Power Supply (1100W Total).

- Binoculars
- Camcoder
- Camera
- Coffee machine
- Medical Electronics
- Mining Equipment Bitcoin
- Print Head
- Printers
- Scopes
- Toys

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Date 2018 May 16, 08:05