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Business category 1 Video Camera
City ( of main office ) Jakarta, ID, Indonesia
Address Blok M, Mall Lantai Dasar 8
Phones 0219089188
Fax 0219089188
Web site www.sumberjayaelectronic.com
About We are engaged in product sales service electronic.
has opened this service since 2006 to now.
started from selling through facebook account and we have grown to finally open the services of agents of this size.

since 2011 we started to cooperate with famous brands from all over the world to market their products.
helps you to more easily get the product without having to go buy it to the store.

all product we sell new product, have official warranty from every brand.
until now we always try to meet the needs of every customer. and 2016 to 2018 now.
we have been able to supply to stores around the world to be able to supply them in bulk, so they can resell.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us again.
Date 2018 May 16, 07:05