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BNH LPG Cylinders LLP

Business category 1 Natural Gas
City ( of main office ) Pune, IN, India
Address B-24,Mayanagari,3rd Floor,Dapodi,Pune-411012
Phones +91-20-67113030
Fax +91-20-67113030
Web site www.bnhlpgcylinders.com
About BNH LPG Cylinders manufacturers Cylinders required for storage of various liquids and gases like LPG, BUTANE, PROPANE, FREON, AMMONIA, ACETYLENE, ETC. in a wide range of various capacities for use in domestic, industrial sectors. Manufacturing of these cylinders requires special expertise, technology and strict quality control measures. These tanks are manufactured confirming to various design standards like ASME SECT VIII DIV I & II, AD- MERKBLATTER, PD5500, IS2825 and under the stagewise inspection of various third party inspection agencies like DNV, BVIS, TUV, LLOYDS ,PDIL and others.
We maintain a striking balance in maintaining the delivery schedules, costs of development and quality without making any compromises on any of these factors which could prove to be of any hindrance later.
• Cost advantage to customers.
• Committed to time bound supply.
• Best Quality Product.
• Build strong rapport with our clients.

LPG Cylinder
Production Lines
BNH LPG CYLINDERS L.L.P offers complete turnkey solutions for the LPG Cylinder Production (and Maintenance) Facilities to manufacture (or to perform overhaul maintenance of) the domestic, industrial and picnic type LPG cylinders.
LPG Cylinder Production within the guidelines of the international standards such as EN 1442 involves several process steps starting from forming to final testing that can be streamlined into the following lines:
BNH LPG CYLINDERS L.L.P gas bottle programs include the production lines for the bottles from different sectors such as home appliance, automotive, diving, medical, fire-protection etc. Following lines could be delivered at turnkey basis
Step1 : Blanking & Body Forming Line
Step2 : Welding, Heat Treatment and Hydrostatic Testing Line
Step3 : Valve Guard Ring & Foot Ring Production Line
Step4 : Valve Neck (Valve Boss or Neck Ring) Production Line
Step5 : Surface Coating Line
Step6 : Finishing Line with Pneumatic Testing
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