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Beijing Jin Yu Rui Xin Trading Co,.Ltd

Business category 1 Other Garden Supplies
City ( of main office ) Beijing, CN, China
Address No. 87, Hedong Street, Yudai, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Phones 16624671141
Web site www.inflatable-bathtubs.com
About Jinyu Ruixin Company established 3 brands in 2012. The "LIGHT" brand is a care brand for the elderly and the disabled, "HUYIBAO" is an incontinence care brand, and "HULUBA" is a child care brand.

LIGHT is a light of hope, sending hope to disabled elderly and bedridden people.

Products of LIGHT are always adhere to the core business philosophy of "continuous innovation, high quality, considerate service, and win-win cooperation". The society creates a social and industrial development environment of "caring, understanding love, sharing love, and spreading love".
Date Jan 14, 10:01