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Beijing Siriusmed Medical Device Co., Ltd.

Business category 1 Medical Cryogenic Equipments
City ( of main office ) Beijing, CN, China
Address No.370,Shilian Road,Shilou Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China
Phones 86-10-87576012
Web site siriusmedventilator.com
About SIRIUSMED was established in 2013. We are committed to the R&D results,production and professional solutions for anesthesia machine, ventilators and the intelligent medical equipments.
With High-Technology Supporting R&D team, we gain more and more patents & certificates of Quality Proof; With the strong marketing management and backup with excellent service supportings, our sales team gain more and more reliable customers in the world medical projects & solutions. 
Siriusmed will keep developing and supplying the best medical products to the World.
The core members have many years of technical background and sales resources in the ventilator & anesthetic industry, and come from the front-line backbone of well-known companies.In the field of life information and support, through continuous innovation, rapid response, improve user experience, and create maximum value for users.The average age of the whole staff is only 30 years old. It is a vigorous and energetic young team.
We are a team with visions from all corners of the world.
Date 2022 Jan 20, 05:01