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Centerway Steel Co., Ltd

Business category 1 Iron Pipes
City ( of main office ) Changsha, CN, China
Address 10th floor, 06 Building, Golden Time Square Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan Provice, China
Phones +8619573116250
Fax 86 731 73328315
Web site https://www.ctwsteel.com
About Centerway Steel Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of AN GANG Group that specializes in theproduction of steel pipes and pipe fittings, steel inventory, domestic and foreignCENTERWAy sales. We are committed to providing one-stop service for steel pipe products tocustomers around the world.Centerway has leading technology of steel pipe production and research at home and abroadadvanced and complete testing facilities .We strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 qualitymanagement system for on-site management, has obtained ISO 9001,ISO 14001, ISO 45001CE, AAA-level credit rating certification, etc. Our products have been inspected and approvedby SGS, BV, MOODY, TUBOSCOPE and other international authoritative third-partyorganizations
For years, steel products supplied by Centerway have been widely applied in engineeringprojects such as oil and gas extraction, pipeline transportation, urban pipeline networkconstruction, building construction, coastal and port construction, food and medicine factorvconstruction.Our partners are throughout southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa.South America, Oceania,and more than 100 countries and regions. We also provide manysteel pipe products and services to the worlds top 500 petroleum and gas , EPC companies.such as: PetroChina, Schlumberger, ADNOC,PDVSA,NNPC,ENI, NICO, EGPC, OXY, CCEDOGDCL.PEMEX,etc.
Date 2023 Oct 12, 01:10