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Centerway Steel Co., Ltd

Business category 1 Steel Profiles
Business category 2 Steel Angles
Business category 3 Steel H-Beams
City ( of main office ) Changsha, CN, China
Address NO.246 Shidai Yangguang Blvd, Yuhua District
Phones 18975167034
Web site https://www.centerwaysteel.com
About Centerway Steel Co., Ltd utilizes advanced submerged arc welding equipment and technology to deliver high-quality submerged arc welded steel pipe products to customers. Our products boast excellent welding quality, high production efficiency, and wide applicability.

Attention to detail starts with the selection of raw materials. The raw materials for our submerged arc production line are directly sourced from large steel mills with whom we have established partnerships. The quality of the steel plates directly impacts the quality and performance of the pipes. Therefore, we prioritize raw material selection and tailor it to match the specific requirements of customer orders.

In addition to ensuring raw material quality and employing advanced submerged arc welding equipment, the production process emphasizes key steps such as steel plate pretreatment. This involves rust removal, degreasing, and edge grinding to ensure the cleanliness and smoothness of the steel plate surface. Core processes like "forming" and welding of the steel pipes are crucial, followed by heat treatment and air cooling. Welding technology is pivotal in the steel pipe manufacturing process, and we are constantly dedicated to improving our welding techniques.

After cooling, the pipes undergo inspection using online flaw detection equipment primarily to assess the quality of the weld seam for any defects. This meticulous process ensures the quality of the pipes. Subsequently, procedures such as sizing, straightening, and cutting to length are carried out, followed by visual, dimensional, and mechanical performance inspections of the finished pipes to ensure they meet customer requirements.

From raw material selection to final product inspection, we rigorously controls quality to ensure the provision of superior products and services to customers. We also offer comprehensive after-sales service to address any issues customers may encounter during the use of the pipes, safeguarding their interests.
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