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China Control Valve Zhejiang Co., Ltd.

Business category 1 Idle Control Valve
Business category 2 Butterfly Valves
Business category 3 Valves
City ( of main office ) Wenzhou, CN, China
Address LinYang Industrial Park, OuBei
Phones 86 13676590849
Web site https://www.cncontrol.cn
About China Control Valve Zhejiang Co., Ltd. (https://www.cncontrol.cn/) boasts over thirty years of experience crafting top-notch control valves. Our dedication to meeting diverse engineering needs and accommodating various media types shines through in our adoption of multiple structural designs. Always staying ahead of the curve, we continuously integrate cutting-edge domestic and international technologies. This proactive stance has allowed us to forge a unique line of pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic valves.

Our wide-ranging products serve myriad industries including petroleum, chemical, natural gas, metal smelting, electric power, and paper manufacturing. We excel as professional manufacturers of control valves for industrial automation fluid process control, renowned for our superior quality. Our offerings include high-performance balanced and unbalanced control valves, high-performance butterfly control valves, and ball control valves. Additionally, we produce intelligent valve positioners and electro-hydraulic actuators.

Equipped with advanced manufacturing and testing equipment such as horizontal machining centers, gantry and vertical machining centers, CNC cutting centers, and testing and inspection equipment, we cover the entire production process of control valves.
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