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Comtrade Recycling

Business category 1 Metal Scrap
Business category 2 Other Metal Scrap
City ( of main office ) Kowloon, HK, Hong Kong
Address Kowloon Hongkong
Phones +85260688684
Web site https://www.comtraderecycling.com
About Comtrade Recycling works in the import and export of scrap metals, in order to give a better future to the world of tomorrow.

Comtrade Recycling has coordinators everywhere in the world Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Thailand. It is thanks to this international presence that we have been able to build solid and trusted partnerships with a large number of recyclers in Europe, South America, Central America, North America, the Middle East and throughout Asia.
Date 2021 Nov 10, 10:11