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Business category 1 Other Beauty & Personal Care Products
City ( of main office ) Alpha, US, United States
Address PO BOX 2066, Alpharetta, GA 30023 USA
Phones 770-667-8621
Fax 770-667-8683
Web site NoOdor.com
About IMTEK Enviro is the market leader in providing reusable, ecologically-smart, safe, recyclable, and non-toxic odor absorber products that does not have any chemical ingredients. Our natural deodorizer provides advantages that benefit people, pets and the planet while eliminating smell.

Our deodorizer solutions rid odor and pollutants without covering-up with harsh perfumes. The odors don't stand a chance! Our smell removers are rejuvenated in a microwave or sunlight and reused for years making them cost effective. Our smell removers products don't contain chemicals and are beneficial for folks suffering from allergies and sensitivity to pollutants.

Because our energy smart deodorizer does not run on power and can be rejuvenated using clean solar energy, they will reduce energy dependency, decrease carbon footprints and help fight global warming while getting smells out.
Date 2011 May 11, 00:05