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Business category 1 Printing Machinery
City ( of main office ) Jakarta, ID, Indonesia
Address Kapuk Kayu Besar No. 23 Street Cengkareng, West Jakarta 11730 Jakarta - Indonesia
Phones +6282361356355
Fax +6282160823800
Web site www.digiprinthead.com
About Since 2001 Digi Printhead is a company which is experienced in trading worldwide market.
We as a company are always aware of our most valuable sources. One of them is serving 100% originaly genuine products and brands to our customers.

In this long journey, best price and quality has always been our favourite companion as a priceless gift of company.

So technical abilities and standardization are always restricted in the selling process… So the experience here, for us is a manner of recognition of self (your ability/ facilities/ improvements and progress)
We always appreciated the value of Brands. We do not dare to change its rules and its structure. We try to adapt our expectations to market rules. So we adapt ourselves and build a lifestyle above them. Our long journey and experiences show us the way and teach us know how.
Date Jul 29, 08:07