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Dynoland International Trading Co., Ltd.

Business category 1 Steel Pipes
City ( of main office ) Beijing, CN, China
Address Rm1010A,LC international center, No. 1 Cuijingbeili, Tongzhou, Beijing, 101121, China.
Phones 86-10-81532501
Fax 86-10-81521860
Web site www.landdrillholding.com
About Premium Connection Equivalent of NEW VAM, VAM TOP, VAM FJL; Big Omega; HW-ST; VAM ACE;API Series Tubing and Casing, Coupling, Cross-over, Pup Joint, Vacuum Insulated Tubing, Special Grade Tubing and Casing, Vacuum Insulated Tubing, Perforated Casing and Tubing, Drill Pipe.
Date 2013 Dec 31, 02:12