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Fengcheng Fuda Auto Sensors CO.,LTD

Business category 1 Turbochargers
City ( of main office ) Dandong, CN, China
Address No.208 Er Long Industrial Park
Phones +86 13470042001
Web site www.fcfuda.com
About Welcome To FUDA, the Sensor and Electronic Actuators Service Provider Established For Over 15 years, Providing Expert Professional Service, We Guarantee You'll Have Peace Of Mind And Assurance.
FUDA is Chinese manufacturer founded by highly skilled and experienced electronic engineers in 2001, which develops and produces high-tech sensor and electronic actuator for automotive and engineering machinery Repair and Remanufacturing.
FUDA is the trusted aftermarket brand for precision sensors、 electronic actuators and parts for them and is renowned for producing OE quality products to help the aftermarket produce high quality repair parts.
Date Feb 3, 06:02