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Fishermen Inernational

Business category 1 Frozen Seafood
City ( of main office ) Karachi, PK, Pakistan
Address B1, fish harbour west wharf
Phones 00923353313311
Fax 00922132330003
Web site www.fishermeninternational.com
About Seafood Agent, Trader and fish inspection services provider

Dealing in every seafood specially available in the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean Mainly, Ribbon Fish, Mahi Mahi, Loligo Squid, Cuttle Fish, Sea bream (Japanese thread fin bream), Indian Mackerel, Croaker Fish (Silver, yellow , Tiger tooth), Pomfret (Black, Silver) ,Cat Fish, Sole Fish, King Fish, Red Snapper, Reef Cod, Salted Jelly Fish , Dried Anchovy and lots more.
Date 2017 Sep 18, 09:09