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Gou Hebei Chemicals

Business category 1 Veterinary Medicine
Business category 2 Chemical Product Machinery
Business category 3 Pharmaceutical Intermediates
City ( of main office ) Shanghai, CN, China
Phones +8615874272473
Web site https://gouhebeichems.store
About Gou Hebei Chemicals Co ltd is one of professional and innovative companies,which engaged in the feilds of APIs,

Intermediates, chiral compounds, organic chemicals, also dedicated to Research substances, Research chemicals

production and marketing. High and consistent quality, rich experience in exporting, prompt response and service and

Safe and timely delivery, all these help us win more and more customers all over the world. Gou Hebei Chemicals Co

ltd have a professional team that majored in organic/ medical/ dyestuff chemistry, also keep intimate cooperation

with many universities, research institutions and individuals in order to support you and find the most suitable

solution for you. we continuously develop and add new products into our product list, trying to meet and exceed your

expectations. We also offer a comprehensive customer synthesis service. Ephedrine HCl powder for sale top quality

bulk supplier from China top supplier. Pseudoephedrine powder for sale best prices Alprazolam powder for sale,

Etizolam powder for sale, Ephedrine HCl powder for sale supplier, Pseudoephedrine powder for sale, Buy
2fdck crystals for sale, MDMA crystals for sale, Ketamine crystals for sale,

Pharmaceutical chemicals in China.

If you’re looking for where to buy research chemicals only safely, you can contact us.We ship worldwide and provide fast and secure shipping and very stealth product.
One-Stop Lab Using Chemical Supplier End Factory

Choose your long-stand Honest Partner

1.Quality Focused, offer only high purity chemical for lab use.

2.Ensured delivery service, multi-payment option, Time-honored Supplier for 5 years+.

3.Full range of Research use lab chemical availabilities.

4.Sample before sized order free to choose.

5.Bulk discount provided.

6.Expertised in package.

7.In time consulting service:

8.R&D programmed of new substitutes for popular new chemicals of lab research use.

9.100% re-ship in case any lost or detained parcels.

10.Package and delivery:By discreet package,

Fedex/DHL/UPS/EMS/Other international post all available to choose.

11.More products to Choose from:Whole range.

12.MOQ:1-10 grams depends which one in specific requested .

13.delivey time:Around 3-7 days by express,10-15 days by normal air post.

14.Samples before bulk is available but at a cost depends on quantity.

15.shipping:we suggest by express, dhl, fedex, ups ,EMS, etc.

16. Payment Terms:TT,MG,WU,CRYPTO

17.How to get a precise quotation:Please supply the quantity and your address, such as, 1kg BK ship to USA.

The above Info is only for research use only. For further info, please contact me!

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