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Hangzhou Biaozheng Rubber Plastic Fittings Factory

Business category 1 Rubber Agents
City ( of main office ) Hangzhou, CN, China
Address No. 717, Linglongshan Road, Linglong Industrial Zone, Lin'an City, Hangzhou ,Zhejiang, China
Phones 86-571-63725286
Fax 86-571-63726258
Web site www.cndiaphragm.com
About Founded in 1993, Hangzhou Biaozheng Rubber Plastic Fittings Factory is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, design and manufacture of rubber diaphragms.
As China AM Series Rubber diaphragms Manufacturers and OEM AM Series Rubber diaphragms Factory , The company not only has a complete set of rubber molding products such as kneading machine, open mill, filter machine, flat vulcanizing machine, etc., but also set up a mold processing and production center, which can customize various rubbers Diaphragm for customers.
The main products: rubber diaphragm obtained national patent in 1999, the service life of more than 200,0000 times. It has certain advantages in the development of special products such as silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, butyl rubber and other products resistant to nuclear radiation, high temperature resistant oil, high temperature resistant steam and various chemical media.
Date May 6, 06:05