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Hangzhou Oubeier Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd

Business category 1 Boxing
Business category 2 Plastic Packaging
City ( of main office ) Hangzhou, CN, China
Address Pingyao Town, Yuhang District,Hangzhou
Phones 86 15267997607
Web site www.chinapacking.net
About Hangzhou Oubeier Plastic Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 1996,. is a modern enterprise integrating production, design and sales. At present, the company mainly has two

major departments of raw material production and packaging operation at the same time. This realizes that the packaging products are completed by the company from raw

materials to production and processing, so there are huge advantages in cost and quality. In design and production, we also have a senior team, which will certainly

provide you with the best service.
Date Jan 14, 05:01