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Hunan Sunrise Health Inc.

Business category 1 Medical Cryogenic Equipments
City ( of main office ) Changsha, CN, China
Address Room 906,914-2,915,Standard Factory Building 3,Medical and Health Industral Park,No.1048,Zhongqing Road,Shaping Street,Kaifu District,Changsha City,Ch
Phones 13682615601
Web site www.mesh-nebulizers.com
About Hunan Sunrise Health Inc. was established in January 2021. it has always been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of clinical medical equipment. The products cover health fields such as life information and support, respiratory adjuvant therapy, especially in the field of respiratory therapy, involving intelligent portable devices such as atomizer, oxygen generator and pulmonary function test, It brings together a very experienced R & D team. The R & D personnel have been committed to the medical industry for decades, focusing on the pain points of users. They have advanced product technology and unique patent protection and support in the industry. The product design has unique characteristics and advantages, surpassing ordinary products in the current market. Their reliable performance and price complement each other, Bring trusted medical products to every corner of the world.
Date Mar 31, 10:03