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JJ Fabrics

Business category 1 100% Cotton Fabric
Business category 2 100% Polyester Fabric
Business category 3 Canvas Fabric
City ( of main office ) Faisalābād, PK, Pakistan
Address C-5 Eden Garden 208 Chak Road
Phones +923219664864
Fax +92412426068
Web site https://www.jjfabrics.com
About JJ Fabrics Pakistan https://www.jjfabrics.com is a home textiles manufacturing and exporting company that deals in home textiles fabrics, terry towels and bed linen products in 100% cotton and poly cotton. We are able to execute all production aspects such as quality weaving, fine dyeing, good printing and standardized stitching for you. Please check our products section to know more about our product range. We ensure and meet the most stringent international textiles manufacturing standards. Our aim is to provide superior quality products to our customers at a reasonable price.

We continuously take active steps to match the ongoing international textile trends and always absorb new ideas and refresh and polish creativity, adjusting and perfecting Quality Control Regulations according to the related international quality standards. With the help of our experienced and highly motivated production and sales team, we are now in a position to offer you reasonable priced textile products with punctual delivery.

We are always keen to keep up with new trends and are always eager to deal in products that are unique. That is why our clients find various specialty products at JJ Fabrics. With our extensive knowledge of textiles and our experience with the development of various textile products we can manufacture multiple kinds of specialty fabrics as per your specifications. Get in touch with us and let us know your import requirements so we can start the process right away

We manufacture and export Greige, Dyed and Printed Fabrics (100% Cotton and Polycotton), our normal fabric construction range is as follows:
72×36 30x150D
76×48 35x150D
76×48 35×35
76×52 35×35
76×56 35×35
76×56 30×30
76×68 30×30
60×60 24×24
60×60 22×22
60×60 22×24
60×60 20×20
96×76 38×38
96×76 40×40
100×80 40×40
110×90 40×40
TC220 & Up
We use Power, Auto, Sulzer and Airjet Looms to make above qualities.
Bedsets and Other Stitched Items
We are manufacturing and exporting stitched bed linen products in 100% cotton and poly cotton range in white, dyed and printed forms as follows;
Bed Sets
Bed Sheets
Date 2018 Oct 26, 17:10